Racing resumed early Sunday at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance after an 11-hour fog delay. Racers were back on track at 5 a.m. and it’s sure to be a sprint to the finish.

A heavy fog that blanketed the road course outside of Willows, Calif., lifted overnight to allow racing to resume. When the cars returned to racing, Team Crowdstrike/Mosaic Motorsports took the overall lead away from Team One Motorsports 2 as of 6 a.m. Sunday.

Just one lap separated the two ESR cars, along with class competitor TVI Racing, who is eight laps back, but sits in third place overall at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Because of the fog delay, racing will continue until 3 p.m. today. The race was originally slated to end at noon Sunday. Here’s a brief recap of where the classes stood at 6 a.m.:


When the action came to a halt Saturday evening, Team Crowdstrike/Mosaic Motorsports was two laps behind ESR leader Team One Motorsports 2. A misstep on the parade lap and a penalty for passing under yellow early in the race put the team on its heels in the first six hours of competition.

When the action resumed, the team put pro driver Colin Braun in the cockpit. Braun made up for lost time and put the team on top in class and overall, one lap up on Team One Motorsports 2. As the sun rose over Thunderhill Raceway, the stage was set for a sprint to the finish.

“Certainly it was a long unexpected delay because of fog. We still have a long ways to go, but Colin (Braun) has vast experience in endurance racing and at night, and we’re just chipping away at it, but there’s a super long way to go, still,” said driver Jon Bennett. “The car is perfect. There’s been no contact and it’s mechanically square, so I think we’re in good shape.”


Lowe Group Racing continued to be in control of the ES class, but Stratus Racing was slowly gaining ground. Stratus Racing trailed by seven laps, closing in on the leader by two laps since racing was suspended Saturday evening.


Spoon Sports continued to lead the E0 class with a nine-lap lead over DIG Motorsports. Though DIG Motorsports has the fastest lap time in the group (2:00:66.5), Spoon has led consistently since the start of race.


Team Funduro Racing had a comfortable 44-lap lead over Tazio Ottis Racing at 6 a.m., which currently sits second in the class.


The E2 class features some of the tightest racing so far at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Just four laps separate the top five teams in the seven-team class. Maintaining its lead was Team MooreWood Creative White, with Legacy Motorworks trailing by a lap. Rounding out the order is Team Slipstream Performance, Team FRASUN and Team MooreWood Creative Black.


Up by 12 laps, Team Silver Fern Racing continued to build on its class lead. The Miata has gone up 12 laps over Hugo Parker LLP Racing, increasing the lead by two laps after racing was suspended on Saturday night.


Team Pink BMW with 3 Fast Drivers and a Porsche Driver is locked in a tight battle with Jersey Boys + One. Only a lap separates the two teams. Lesher Motorsports and Black Swan Search were sitting back four and five laps, respectively at 6 a.m.


The first all-electric vehicle continues to make history at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance. The car has turned 156 laps, the longest the vehicle had run in any race.  Running unopposed in EM, the team was running in 29th overall.

Images courtesy of Herb Lopez and Brett Becker

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