The leaderboard was holding steady Saturday night with Crowdstrike by Riley continuing to widen its lead at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance.

Crowdstrike by Riley is the current leader with a 26-lap overall lead at 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Crowdstrike has opened a 26-lap lead over Three Thieves Racing, which was running in second place as of 8 pm. Rounding out the top five are Honda Racing THRW1, MooreWood Creative and Honda Racing THRW2.

Honda Racing THRW2 was running fifth overall and second in the E1 class after nine hours of racing.

Crowdstrike’s Ligier LMP320 continues to build a solid lead. The team tried to run on slicks before switching back to rain tires.

“We’re just clicking off laps and running around,” said team owner Bill Riley.

The Thunderhill Raceway asphalt is drying, but more light rain is expected to return off and on over the night. Crews have bundled up and huddled around space heaters as temperatures are hovering in the low 40s.

MooreWood Creative had swapped engines in the BMW E46 before Friday’s qualifying session yet the car continues to run strong, said Justin Ross, team principal.

“One car is on its spare motor, essentially. The other one’s doing all right,” said Ross, whose team has two cars currently in the top 10. “I think like everybody, we’re kind of fighting track and water and electrical gremlins and hoping everything kind of dries out and stays somewhat dry.”

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Here’s an update on where the classes stand as of 8 p.m. Saturday.


Tazio Ottis Racing has a 6-lap lead over Dig Motorsports in the EO class and is 12th place in the overall field.


The Honda Racing team holds the top two spots in the E1 class. Both Honda Civics are currently in the top five overall.


MooreWood Creative is in a dogfight with Legacy Motorworks, leading by a lap in the six-team E2 class.


Lesher Motorsports has increased its lead to 11 laps over Misfits in the E3 class.


Electric car entry Entropy Racing EVSR has run 173 laps as the sole entry in the EM class.


Ageless Bio Racing is back on the course after having early electrical problems. The team has completed nearly 240 miles.


The Three Thieves Racing Audi R8 is second overall at 25 Hours of Thunderhill having run 212 laps as of 8 pm.


Kleen Blast/Davids Race Product is stretching out its lead in the GT class over Modified Racing.
Images courtesy of Doug Berger and Herb Lopez

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