Team Crowdstrike Motorsports scored pole position during nighttime qualifying at the 2021 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance.

The fog is lifting from the Thunderhill Raceway as the 2021 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance begins at 11 a.m. today.

ESR car Crowdstrike/Mosaic Motorsports was the fastest qualifier Friday evening and earned pole position after turning a fast lap of 1:39.332 on the 3-mile road course.

The starting grid order for the 2021 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance:

Row 1: Crowdstrike/Mosaic Motorsports (ESR); TVI Racing (ESR)

Row 2: Norma (ESR ); One Motorsports 2 (ESR)

Row 3: Stratus Racing (ES); Kleen Blast/David’s Racing Products (ES)

Row 4: Lowe Group Racing 25 Hour Team (ES); MooreWood Creative White Car 2021 (E2)

Row 5:  Dragonfly Motorsports (E0); Honda Racing THRW 1 (E1)

Row 6: Modified Racing Inc. (ES); Spoon Sports (E0)

Row 7: Tazio Ottis Racing (E1); Funduro Racing N De Keijer (E1)

Row 8: STEYN Motorsports (E0); DIG Motorsports (E0)

Row 9: FRASUN Racing (E2); Moorewood Creative Black Car 2021 (E2)

Row 10: Honda Racing THRW (E1); Slipstream Performance (E2)

Row 11: Legacy Motorworks (E2); Three Thieves Racing (ES)

Row 12: Black Swan Search (E3S); Inconceivable Racing (E3S)

Row 13: Hugo Parker LLP- Racing (E3); Lesher Motorsports 25-Hr team (E3S)

Row 14: Jersey Boys + One (E3S); (ES)

Row 15: Pink BMW with 3 Fast Drivers & a Porsche Driver (E3S); Silver Fern Racing Miata (E3)

Row 16: Wildcat Card (E3); Entropy Racing EVSR (EM)

Row 17: AOA Racing (E2); CSR Performance (ESR)

Row 18: Heyer Performance (E3); Team TMC (E2)

To follow the event live, visit the 25 Hours of Thunderhill page on Race Hero.

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