Frasun Racing drove to victory in the GT Challenge and took picked up a $10,000 prize from Toyo Tires for the effort. The competition was reduced by one when third-place finisher Flying Lizard Motorsports was knocked out after 255 laps and class runner-up Precision Driving Tech suffered a severe mechanical failure Saturday afternoon and finished 155 laps behind Frasun Racing.

Driver Jason Fraser said even with their two competitors out, it didn’t change their approach to finishing the race, but the weather did.

“The mud on the track and all the yellows. It was a war zone out there. It really was,” Fraser said. “At that point it was survival. We still ran hard. We ran mistake-free.”

Precision Driving Tech driver, Derek DeBoer finished 155 laps behind the first place car due to a differential failure in hour five. DeBoer said that back-paddock repair and getting it sorted out took the team about four hours. Once it was repaired, the car performed to their liking, but the gap was too great to overcome. The story of the team’s race will be the subject of a Fastlife.TV episode on YouTube.

“My co-driver Matt Jaskol and I, between the two of us, we have, I think 20 starts at this race and this was the most unique one we’ve been a part of,” DeBoer said. “This was the most challenging one, conditions wise, not just the weather, but just the way that the track became. It was, it was like we were driving a racecar on a dirt bike track. You literally couldn’t go six inches offline without being out of control.”

In third place the Toyo Tires Flying Lizard team was just two laps behind Frasun Racing when contact on the front straight knocked their car out of the race, which relegated them to third place in GT Challenge.

Image courtesy of Doug Berger

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