Fees, Classes and Rules Established for 2022 25 Hours of Thunderhill

To keep costs in check for entrants in the 2022 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance, and despite rising costs, NASA has opted to keep last year’s fee schedule the same for this year’s event. Entry fees for the first four drivers remains at $2,395, plus the usual fees for additional drivers and crew.

The rules for the 25 Hour also have been updated. The headlight rule has been changed. Headlight mounting is now limited to the outer 18 inches of the vehicle corners rather than the old rule of 12 inches.

New for 2022, drivers with a GT-class racing cars, a stock car, or other Super Unlimited class cars not fitting the typical definition of “Sports Racer/ Prototype” now can be placed in the new GT class. Trans Am 2 cars can also will be classed in GT unless they elect to modify their car to fit into ST1, making it eligible for ES. Most importantly, GT Class competitors won’t have to race against sports racers anymore. ESR is now the domain of all sports racers and prototypes. Questions on legality should be directed to [email protected].

The classes break down as follows:

ESR – Open to all sports racers and prototypes

GT – Open to all others

ES – ST1 and ST2

E0 – ST3

E1 – ST4

E2 – ST5

E3 – ST6

It’s also important to note that the former E3S class will be folded back into E3, yet there will be special recognition for those that run in spec trim. There will also be a slate of special awards to encourage participation in various classes. Those special awards are broken down below:

Highest finishing car over 2.0 liters

Highest finishing under 2.0 liters

Highest finishing electric vehicle

Highest finishing Spec Miata

Highest finishing Spec E30

Highest finishing 944 Spec

Oldest finishing vehicle

Teams using Super Touring rules for their base class mapping are required to submit a Super Touring classification form to the chief of tech, prior to qualifying. Those that run qualifying without submitting the form will start from the back. Those that start the race without having submitted the proper classification form may be subject to a black flag.

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