With a year of experience running the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, the team behind TAPG Motorsports came in with a plan and so far it’s paying dividends with their Toyota car leading the E2 class.

The Phoenix-based team has essentially led since the start of endurance to build a 10-lap lead over the second-place team Technik Competition. Slipstream-racing.com is in third.

The TAPG Motorsports team is comprised of Toyota engineers and technicians, and the group competes in endurance competitions as a team building exercise. The team competes in the Western Endurance Racing Championship but no others that last 25 hours.

“Last year was new for most of us so we did well. We were leading when we broke but we had a lot to learn but we had a good plan,” said DJ Quint, team captain. “The big thing now we get to leverage that experience having done this one time before. We do have a nice lead right we’re just trying to focus on doing our job.”

Quint said the team plans to have some of its drivers do double shifts to get through the night. “We also know once it gets to 2 o’clock in the morning we’ve got to be flexible,” he said.

Other than adding a quart of oil, Quint said the car has been problem-free. Quint knows from last year’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill that things can change quickly.

“The endurance thing is not new (for us) but the 25 Hour is its own thing,” Quint said. “Even now I’m trying to remind everybody to do their job, stay focused, don’t get too relaxed, because that’s how we end up making a mistake, drivers included.”

Here are the standings as of 10 o’clock Saturday night. Updates will resume with the 6 a.m. standings Sunday morning.

E0                                                                               Laps

1          Honda Racing THRW 2                                       272

2          MPACT Racing                                                   255

3          DIG Motorsports                                                239

4          Dragonfly Motorsports                                       150

5          Honda Racing THRW 1                                       139


E1                                                                               Laps

1          FLIR Vision Racing                                             261

2          El Dorado Motorsports CRX                                256

3          Funduro Racing                                                251

4          Bullet Performance                                           251

5          MF Racing                                                        188


E2                                                                               Laps

1          TAPG Motorsports                                             271

2          Technik Competition                                         261

3          Slipstream-racing.com                                      259

4          HQ Autosport Racing                                        257

5          SRC – Sampson Racing Comm.                         255

6          MooreWood Creative                                        251

7          AR-G Motorsports                                            235


E3                                                                               Laps

1          Tazio Ottis Racing                                             237

2          Brown/Heyer                                                    102


E3S                                                                             Laps

1          RA Motorsports 40                                            248

2          RA Motorsports 35                                            244

3          A+ Young and the Restless                                242

4          Lesher Motorsports                                           239

5          Steyn Motorsports                                            233

6          RUSSH Racing                                                 231

7          TFB Teen Mazda                                              231

8          A+ Old But Still Fast                                        176


ES                                                                               Laps

1          Lowe Group Racing                                            281

2          Valkyrie Autosport Nissan GT-R                           273

3          Three Thieves Racing                                         246

4          Kleen Blast/David’s Racing Prod.                         240

5          Valkyrie Autosport Nissan 370Z                          230

6          Glorious Bastards                                              191


ESR                                                                            Laps

1          Turn 3 Motorsport                                            294

2          K2R Motorsports                                              291

3          Lahouse/One Motorsports                                 283

4          Praga Cars/Fellner Motorsports                         281

5          Norma’s Last Chance                                       266

6          One Motorsports Radical                                  245

7          JFC Racing 1                                                   215

8          Fast Toys Club                                                167

9          CSR Performance                                             162


GT Challenge                                                         Laps

1          Frasun Racing                                            282

2          Flying Lizard Motorsports                            255

3          Precision Driving Tech/Hive 10                     165

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