NEO Motorsports Offers NASA Member Benefits and Contingencies

NEO Motorsport is again partnering with NASA to offer member benefits and contingency programs to the racing industry. All active NASA members will be eligible to receive a 20 percent discount across the brand on suspension and brake components.

All of NEO’s Type-AA suspensions and brake kits are assembled in Canada and have been put to the test in the harsh Canadian conditions. NEO Motorsport actively has been supporting the motorsports community for more 10 years and is and is committed to continuing its support.

Eligible Classes

HPDE1 through HPDE4

Time Trial

German Touring Series 1 – 4 and Unlimited

Super Touring

Honda Challenge


First place – $150 Credit

Second Place – $100 Credit

Third Place – $50 Credit

For full details on the new NEO Motorsports contingency program, visit the NASA prize page.

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