The New Speed News 2019

It often has been said that the only constant is change. I believe that, and if you’re reading this, you no doubt have noticed that Speed News has changed from its previous format.

Going forward, rather than issuing the monthly magazine on the first Wednesday of each month, we are changing Speed News to weekly newsletters. A blend of editorial from the magazine you’re familiar with, and some new types of content we are developing will be distributed each week via email, posted and linked to the website and also linked and disseminated through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, et al. We are changing to improve engagement with NASA members and a worldwide audience, and we’re putting out content where you can find it more easily.

Everyone knows the battle for the great American attention span is being waged on the Internet. That means fewer, and in some cases, shorter stories distributed in smaller packages more often yield more engagement and views than asking a reader to commit to 80 or so pages of a magazine once a month.

One of my favorite things to say to the people who write for Speed News, to remind them that deadline is looming is, “It’s time to feed the beast.” I’ve been writing and shooting for magazines and the Web for more than 20 years, and if there has been one constant besides change, it most assuredly has been “more.” More stories. More photos. More videos, news, race reports, facts, stats, etc., and as we ramp up on our new platform, we’ll have the flexibility to deliver more. We also think it will allow us to be more timely with our event coverage.

As we strived to accomplish with the digital magazine, we aim to help you get the most out of your NASA experience, your NASA membership. We want to help you become better with a wrench, inspire new ideas in your minds, help you improve as a driver, help you create even better memories at the track with your friends, and the content we deliver in Speed News is conceptualized and created to do just that.

A NASA membership is more than just your ticket to play on America’s best racetracks. It means you are part of the NASA family, with all the rights and privileges that go along with it. As a NASA member, you’re entitled to product discounts and contingencies that far exceed the value of a NASA annual membership, and you get sneak peaks at great new products and, of course, the original content here in Speed News.

Our new format represents a big change for Speed News. The good news is that it doesn’t require any change from you as a reader, and we hope it improves your NASA experience, and helps you get the most from your membership. Onward.

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