Membership Has Its Privileges

Normally, I try to fill this space with something pithy, such as tying philosophy or theory to things that happen on a racetrack or in a racecar, but a conversation at the racetrack last month gave me an idea for a different topic for this column.

After one of our drivers meetings, another driver and I were talking about hotels, where he was staying, that sort of thing. When he told me where he was staying, I mentioned that he can get discounts at Motel 6 and Red Roof Inns as part of his NASA membership, so he’d be missing out by not taking advantage of those price breaks.

That’s when he said he noticed he was getting more and more news about NASA member benefits. He noticed it and wanted to know how NASA was making that happen. The answer isn’t anything magical. It happens because NASA put people in place to make it happen. Aldrin Villanueva spends his days making these kinds of connections and putting together partnerships to bring more value to your NASA membership.

I’ve long held that salespeople make the world go ‘round and good ones make it look easy. As someone who has proven time and again to be miserably unfit for sales, I know it’s anything but easy, but Aldrin keeps adding benefits that add value to your NASA membership, and making it look easy.

The Member Benefits program has become so extensive that it’s not only possible but easy to recoup the cost of your NASA membership through all the discount programs. Even if you’re not active or taking a break from racing, there are privileges associated with being a NASA member.

The programs offer discounts on race parts from our official motorsports equipment supplier Competition Motorsport. That’s helpful, because we all need socks and suits and helmets and parts and things like that, but NASA members also get benefits like rebates from Fuelab products, discounts on coaching through, insurance through Lockton Motorsports.

NASA also has set up benefits for NASA members with the following partners: Intrinsic Products, Honed Developments, Race Louvers, Hawk and Raybest brake, Apex Pro, Sampson Racing Communications, Condor Speed Shop,, Racepack, Wheelwell, Motorsports Metal Finishing, CSM Performance, APR Performance, Motion Control Suspension, Dry Shine Car Care products, Futura trailers, Race Ramps, Fuel Safe racing cells, Chariot Concepts, Geosky Alert, Ford Performance Racing school,, ParkOn,, Konig, Fresh Air Systems Technologies and Racing Fire Systems.

That’s a long list and it keeps getting longer. Just the discounts on hotels and Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty rental cars is worth the price of a NASA membership. On one trip, I got a bigger discount with my NASA membership than with my AAA card. I wasn’t expecting that.

I do expect there will be more benefits to come. Racing is expensive. Member benefits that reduce costs are always welcome.


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