We are heading into the offseason and you know what that means. It’s engine-building season! Fresh engines benefit from a good breaking-in, and using VP Racing’s 10W-40 Engine Break-In Oil can help you get the best results.

VP Racing’s Break-In oil is a unique, multi-viscosity oil, formulated with a blend of high-quality conventional base stocks, ZDDP, Moly, and other additive chemistries. Shear-stable polymers prevent viscosity loss during break-in process, aided by an aggressive detergent/dispersant additive system. It allows newly machined engines to properly finish seating and mating of machined engine parts. The engine break-in process is extremely critical when putting together an engine. $14 per quart at time of publication.

Learn more about break-in oil, what it is, and why it matters.

Image courtesy of VP Racing

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