VP Racing Cool Down coolant additive is proven to reduce your engine temps by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and cylinder head temps by up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit while improving coolant flow. It works for gas and diesel engines and is safe for all radiator systems. That means Cool Down is ideal for your racing and street vehicles, RV and towing applications.

Cool Down’s coolant additive lubricates all vital components and is approved by most race-sanctioning bodies. Just one 16-ounce bottle treats 12- to 20-quart cooling systems. If you run straight water in your system — and we all do in our racecars — VP recommends adding 50 percent more Cool Down. When using as a diesel coolant additive, use twice the usual amount of product to protect wet sleeve cylinder liners.

VP Cool Down treatments last one year or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. VP Racing suggests changing your coolant every two years.

For maximum protection and performance for your cooling system, use Cool Down with Stay Frosty® Hi-Performance engine coolant. $13.85 at time of publication before your NASA discount.

Image courtesy of VP Racing

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