Hitting the track is exciting, but pushing your car to its limits can take a toll on your differential. The importance of keeping your drivetrain cool and protected is essential, which is why Turner Motorsport has unveiled its latest range of performance differential covers, designed specifically for popular track cars like the BMW E36, E46 M3, E9X 335 and E9X M3.

Developed through a meticulous in-house R&D process, these differential covers are more than just a pretty addition under your car. For these differential covers, the focus was improved thermal management and increased strength.

It all starts with cooling fins. These fins have been rigorously optimized using advanced computational fluid dynamics software to maximize heat dissipation and keep your differential fluid at optimal temperatures, even during aggressive driving. Turner also incorporated an integrated breather to prevent pressure buildup within the differential housing. Another unique feature is the additional versatility of running a differential cooler by utilizing the ORB bungs incorporated onto each cover. This also increases capacity and can better regulate fluid temps in racing applications.

These new Turner differential covers were crafted from high-strength billet 6061 T6 aluminum, designed to withstand the increased stress of track use. For the BMW E36 and E46 M3 diff covers, say goodbye to those pesky ripped differential mount ears! These have reinforced mounting locations for peace of mind.

Turner Motorsport differential covers aren’t just about performance, and many covers feature increased fluid capacity, which means extended service intervals and less time spent under the car. Turner also incorporated features like easy-to-access fill plugs, drain plugs, and sensor bungs for simplified maintenance. The E46 M3 cover even features a nifty little baffled sight glass, so you can check your fluid level at a glance.

Whether you’re a seasoned track veteran or a weekend warrior looking to push your car’s limits, Turner Motorsport’s new differential covers offer a compelling combination of performance, durability, and user-friendliness. Visit the website to find the perfect differential cover for your car and take your performance to the next level. Retail price at time of publication is $999.99 for the E36 and $999.99 for the E46 M3.

Image courtesy of Turner Motorsport

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