Every now and then, a new product comes out and really gets your attention. This is one of them, a shut-up-and-take-my-money kind of product.

Thermo-Tec just released its new Thermo-Flow Modular Cooler system, a scalable fluid cooling system designed to expand the cooling capacity of intercoolers, oil cooling systems, transmissions, power-steering and fuel systems.

“The Thermo-Flow Modular Coolers’ unique design of cooling fins within the inner and outer surfaces provides maximum cooling efficiency by pulling the heat out of any liquid that passes through them and dissipating it into the ambient air,” said James White of Thermo-Tec.

The patent-pending system was developed to be widely applicable depending on your fluid cooling needs. If two tubes aren’t enough, add two more. If that’s still not enough, you can add two more. Airflow, the rate of flow of the liquid passing through, the viscosity of the liquid, ambient air temperature and the amount of water vapor in the air are all major factors in determining the performance.

Here’s what really grabbed our attention. Each cooling tube features interior and exterior cooling fins for maximum heat transfer. What’s more, unlike conventional heat exchangers, these exterior cooling fins won’t fold over when they get hit by debris. No more “combing” heat exchanger fins back into shape.

According to Thermo-Tec, for every inch of tube you have 6.713 square inches of heat radiation, and an interior heat soaking surface area of over 5 square inches per inch of tube. The two-tube assembly has over 13.426 square inches of heat dissipation per inch of length on the exterior, or over 154.4 square inches of surface area to dissipate heat on the 12-inch cooler. With a heat soaking surface area of the interior of over 110 square inches to pull the heat out of any liquid passing through it.


Image courtesy of Thermo Tec

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