The New Tillett B5 Seat

The new Tillett B5 seat weighs a little over 9 pounds, and was originally designed to fit the narrow Lotus Elise / Exige. The seat uses a regular road-car angle, though each bracket option allows for a significant amount of tilt. The seat material is either glass reinforced plastic, which is extremely sturdy yet economical, or GRP with a layer of carbon fiber on the seating surface. The carbon fiber outer is visually appealing and somewhat more resistant to wear and tear than the black/GRP gelcoat finish.

Due to the small, narrow size of the B5, it can work well in many other vehicles, in particular narrow models like Miatas. Aside from narrow cars, the seat also works well in most cars, and has been successfully installed in Porsches, Audis, Ferraris, kit cars and more.

The B5 allows the driver to sit low in the car, which reduces the likelihood of hitting a helmet on the roll cage, and it can be a game changer for tall drivers in low cars. You can sit within three-quarters of an inch of the floor pan. Although the seat is small, it can fit a surprisingly large range of driver sizes.

Since the Tillett B5 is not a full bucket seat, it is compatible with three-point or five- and six-point belts, making it an extremely versatile seat and an excellent choice for either street or track cars or for dual-use cars. The side profile was developed from years of experience in manufacturing kart racing seats, and it provides excellent support while leaving the shoulders free to help steer the car unhindered. The Tillett B5 is compatible with a HANS or neck restraint device.

The seat pads option is advisable for cars driven on the road with three-point belts. The pads are made of Dinamica, which is a synthetic suede-like material, like Alcantara. The pads aid in keeping the driver planted on what can be a somewhat slippery surface and will also help protect the seat. Customizations for stitching and color are available special order. $899. Optional pads $279.


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