Stilo HANS Zero Head Restraint

There are plenty of head and neck restraints on the market today compared with just a few years ago. That said, many racers simply won’t stray from the name that is synonymous with head and neck restraint technology: HANS. In recent years HANS has taken a bit of heat for falling behind in the field they pioneered so many years ago. With that in mind, they’ve stepped up and partnered with the best-known name in auto helmets, Stilo, to bring us the new Stilo Hans Zero Head Restraint

This 100 percent American made product is the lightest HANS device ever produced, 15% lighter than the previously-lightest model, the HANS Ultra Lite. It’s also exceptionally comfortable in any seat layback, which makes it perfect for those who drive in multiple vehicles during the course of a season. You can choose between SFI and FIA homologation based on your needs. Available in Medium or Large. $1,399.


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