Sparco Circuit QRT Racing Seat

The Sparco Circuit QRT is an ultra-light competition seat specifically designed for circuit use. Made from aramadic fiber-reinforced fiberglass with all-new QRT technology, the Circuit QRT has an ultra-light shell. The Circuit QRT includes integrated bolsters to protect the head. This seat can be used with a Hans device for even greater protection. The ultra-light shell is then wrapped in an impact-absorbing and fire retardant fabric that helps hold the body.

The Circuit QRT is FIA approved and available in two sizes: Circuit QRT (Standard) and Circuit II QRT (Large).

QRT technology gives an unparalleled mechanical strength/weight ratio for fiberglass composite racing seats. QRT technology gives an average weight savings of 30% when compared to standard fiberglass technology. The main benefit is that QRT seats approach weight of carbon fiber seat at the price of a fiberglass composite seat. $950.

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