Setrab has a line of new high-performing oil filters engineered to balance performance and flow for street or track vehicles. The Setrab HyperFlow Oil Filter offers high flow and volume, low pressure drop, filtration down to 30 microns, and a strong rare-earth magnet to filter and trap debris.

The improved flow characteristics of the HyperFlow Oil Filter reduce restrictions on the oiling system. The surgical-grade stainless-steel mesh media filter element creates less restriction on the oiling system, which means less power is spent pumping oil and more power reaches the wheels.

A cleanable filter element offers convenience and longevity. Its precision CNC-machined billet aluminum body with titanium-color anodized finish offers a knurled non-slip grip surface and a hex boss for easy removal. Standard sized hex boss is pre-drilled for safety wire.

The HyperFlow Oil Filter disassembles without any special tools. Simply push the filter element into the body and twist to remove, clean, and reuse. It also features and features a quad-seal O ring for improved sealing characteristics. The Setrab HyperFlow Oil Filter fits most spin-on oil filter applications: M20 x 1.5, M22  x1.5, 3/4″-16 and 13/16-16. $163.

Image courtesy of Setrab

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