We all know Dion von Moltke from his career in professional sports car racing, his TED Talk and, of course, as the founder of Blayze Coaching, a unique online video and data coaching service. Now you can get inside the coaching mind of von Moltke by reading his new book, “Send it: The Art & Science of Racing Cars.”

This book is perfect for the intermediate or advanced grassroots racer — and it makes a great gift! You will discover how to learn a race track, how to find priorities in any corner on any racetrack, how to use the brakes into any type of corner, an introduction to race craft, how to drive quickly and safely in the wet, and so much more!

Driving race cars fast is extremely counter-intuitive and filled with lots of complexity. Dion von Moltke cuts through the noise to simplify the act of learning to drive fast in simple and easy-to-understand writing. Not only will this book help you go faster and drive safer, but it also will help simplify the sport and help you have even more fun out on track! $33.79 at time of publication.

Image courtesy of Dion von Moltke

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