Scott Spark Plug wire kits for LS car engines are American made. These 10mm spiral-core wires feature high-temperature silicone insulation. Eliminate ignition noise, voltage leaks, and a loss of power when switching to Scott Performance spark plug wires.

This LS spark plug wire kit measures 8.5 in long tip-to-tip and is considered the standard or car set. This kit fits most LS-equipped cars with coils in OEM mounting positions. For truck applications, see LS Truck Series Wire Kits, and for high-horsepower applications, see our new Black Widow wire sets. The common car fitments include 5.7L LS1/LS6 engines, 6.0L, 6.2L LS2, LS3, and LS7.

The spark plug wires’ high-temp silicone and fiberglass blend sleeves are resistant to high temperatures, abrasions, and tears. Our sets feature angled boots at both ends, with a 45-degree coil boost and 45-degree plug boot. This ensures a tight, secure fit, without getting in the way.

Available in multiple colors, Scott Performance Wire’s preparatory 30 Gold suppression core wires are a unique internal spiraling. Standard OEM wires typically have 10,000 to 12,000 ohms per foot of resistance, however, Scott’s 30 Gold wire kits feature 30 ohms per resistance per foot, producing a more robust and accurate spark. The kits also provide strong construction and reliability. $125 at time of publication.

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