Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraints

You love the company’s harnesses. You’ll love its head and neck restraints. Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraints are the new Frontal Head Restraint device from Schroth. Built for superior safety, comfort and use.

The Schroth SHR Flex head restraint features simple sizing, just two, medium and large. Drivers who want more space for their collarbones can opt for the large, and the legs have the padding molded right in. What’s more the Schroth SHR Flex has a small, low collar which is suited for all seating angles without interfering with the seatback. In the event of an impact, the articulating collar rises to support the ideal tether angle. It’s great for drivers who have multiple cars.

For added comfort, floating tethers stay in place while allowing a wide range of left-to-right head motion plus some side stability. It also features vertical “ears” on the outsides of the shoulder bands to help contain the belts. Includes FLEX helmet posts that mount directly to the M6 nut in your helmet. $475.

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