The Schroth right side driver’s net offers the best in driver safety. It attaches to the roll cage of your race car. Made of polyester, these nets will last longer than ordinary nylon nets. Polyester is not as susceptible to UV degradation over time.

Right side nets are an important piece of safety equipment. In an impact, the body moves forward 6-8 inches. This is normal and quite necessary to prevent injury, with the harness stretching to help decelerate the body. If you’re in a lateral impact, there are high lateral forces that will move you side-to-side. Without a right side net, it’s very easy for the body to wrap around the side of the seat when the harnesses have stretched. A right side net prevents this by guiding your head and shoulders back into the seat keeping you from painful injury. $159 at time of publication.

Image courtesy of Schroth

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