Sadev Racing Transmission is now offering a six-speed, sequential-shift direct replacement for the popular Tremec T56 transmission.

The new model offers interchangeable drop gears and a large selection of gear ratios, which allows crews to tune a car’s gearing for the specific needs of a given racetrack. Drivers are no longer limited by OEM ratio options. Gears are straight cut with dog engagement, with directed and pressurized lubrication, and it allows for flat-shifting. The SCL924 also is lightweight and compact, with improved weight distribution and a needle-bearing slip yoke design for the driveshaft.

Front adapter plates allow the transmission to bolt to any T56 bellhousing, and eight different gearlever positions let the user adjust for comfort and fitment. There’s even an option for hydraulic paddle-shift actuation.

The SCL924 is fitted with a contactless gear-position sensor and fittings to connect the gearbox to an external oil cooler. Other options include inspection bungs and an input-shaft-mounted release bearing. Sadev USA has them in stock and ready for deliver. MSRP at time of publication is $23,000.

Image courtesy of Sadev

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