The industry’s very first racing seat to earn the coveted FIA 8855-2021 homologation, the GT-Spine is good for 10 years from the date of manufacture! You read that right: 10 years. This innovative gel-coated fiberglass competition racing seat by Sabelt boasts an aggressive design, DCT head protection, fireproof fabric, and high density foam.

The large size weighs 35.5 pounds, and all models feature high side bolstering and high wear-resistance velour fabric to prevents lateral movement and keep the driver positioned like never before. It’s fitted for six-point harnesses, with the sub-belt hole in the bottom of the shell.

The GT-Spine seat also provides excellent lateral support and is more than a worthy choice for safety and comfort where it matters most. $2,260 at time of publication.


Image courtesy of Sabelt

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