The Road Keeper Dual HD video camera is really a clever bit of kit. It records dual-stream video and audio, with cameras that can be rotated within the housing to capture action in front of and behind the car. That video and audio is complemented by GPS and accelerometer data.

Unlock a new efficiency level with Road-Keeper, seamlessly compatible with the Race-Keeper Comparo video data analysis application. Now, you can harness the same professional-grade tools experts use for reviewing, analyzing, comparing, and exporting video and data from your video data logger.

Whether you’re on the road or dominating the track, Road-Keeper’s cyclic logging guarantees you never miss the latest action. Say goodbye to manual video management – old recordings are automatically overwritten, eliminating concerns about storage space.

This sleek unit houses dual 1080p HD cameras, 10Hz GPS, accelerometers, and a status screen, offering a secure and discreet installation in your vehicle.

Enjoy complete control over your footage with adjustable vertical and horizontal positioning for both cameras, ensuring the perfect view every time. Additionally, in-car audio seamlessly integrates into the video streams, with the option to prioritize privacy by muting the microphone using the dedicated Mic button on your Road-Keeper. Retail price at time of publication is $399 before NASA member special pricing.

Image courtesy of Road Keeper


  1. I wouldn’t be using this on the street due to privacy concerns. No in car audio, no GPS, no speed, just a forward facing camera to capture what another driver may have done wrong if there’s an accident.

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