If you’ve ever scoured the internet looking for a good bracket to mount a fire bottle to a roll cage or roll bar, you probably already know how few solid options there are. Fire bottles are heavy. They must be mounted properly so they don’t become a deadly blunt object flying around the cockpit in the event of a crash.

The RSpro mounting system caught our eye. Available for tubing sizes from 1-inch to 1.25-, 1.50- and 1.75-inch and 40 mm diameters, the RSpro mounting system is made from CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum and assembled with stainless-steel metric hardware. The bottle releases by pulling on the red nylon strap, which is far superior to the thin stamped-steel strap and hasp systems that come with many bottles.

Custom sizing available on request. Prices start at $199 at time of publication.

Image courtesy of Rennscot

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