Thanks to our industry friends at, we came across this little gem, the RamConnect Radio/Drink kit from Australian company Rampage. It’s a one-piece, no-drip disconnect for a helmet drinking hose and radio communication all in one.

The RamConnect radio/drink kit allows you to connect your radio and drink supply in seconds. The quick-connect kit allows any type of radio plug to be connected together with the drink supply.

It’s designed to eliminate any liquid from leaking when connecting the drink supply, because it has a quick-release dry-break fitting. The dry-break fitting stops the flow of your drink when disconnecting the tube.

All you have to do is pull the handle before getting out of the car. It comes with reliable and sturdy mounts that can be mounted on a roll-bar or flat surface.

This Quick Connect Kit is ideal for racing where quick driver changes are a must. If multiple drivers will be racing, you can purchase more handles on the company’s website. $259.

Image courtesy of Rampage

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