Ram Hydrate Sprint Quick Change Driver Hydration System

The Ram Hydrate is the preferred drinks system by race drivers and professional race teams all over the world. The Sprint model comes with an ABS molded plastic housing, one bottle and all the hoses and connections you’ll need. Did you know a 2 percent loss in hydration can lead to a significant decrease in concentration and make you fatigue faster?

In the high-heat environment of a racecar where temperatures frequently soar above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Drivers can easily lose 6 percent or more of their body weight during a race. Not being able to drink while driving, can lead to more mistakes and cause lap times to suffer.


To keep the driver hydrated, the Ram quick-change hydration system
has a heat-resistant insulation to keep the drink cool during long stints. You can change the bottle in under 2 seconds. This is quicker than any other hydration system in the world. It’s perfect to use during driver changes and pit stops in endurance racing. It has a powerful pump in the main housing and delivers the drink through an insulated tube at the press of a button. It’s lightweight and weighs just 800g. You can easily attach this to roll bars or other mountings with the addition of an adjustable mount. $1,099.

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