They key to quick pit stops in endurance racing is using weatherstrip adhesive to glue the lug nuts to the wheels. You buzz the nuts off the car, put the new wheel on over the studs, the adhesive stretches to hold the nuts in place and then you can torque the nuts with an impact gun. Easy and fast, and it’s easier to pick up a few seconds in the pits than it is on the racetrack.

However, for all of that to work, you need wheel studs with an extra-long bull nose, such as those from MSI Racing Products, the go-to source for NASCAR teams for years. MSI studs come in press-in designs, or thread-in designs for cars that came from the factory with wheel bolts, such as BMW.

MSI Racing Products makes studs for applications popular throughout the NASA paddock. The company has numerous applications for Aston Martin, BMW, Dodge, GM, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mini and Porsche.

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