Walk the PRI show methodically, row by row, and you never know what you might find. This year, we discovered a brand new brake-bias adjuster knob from a New Zealand company, and it displays in large digital format how your brake bias adjuster bar is set. It’s very clever.

Shock and water resistant, the Monit Brake Dial was designed and built to offer 10-plus years of trouble-free operation. Fitted with a CR2032 battery, the Brake Dial display lasts for up to 18 months and displays a low-battery warning light before the battery is fully discharged.

It’s easy to use. Just turn the outside portion of the knob to adjust the brake bar on your master cylinders and the digital display automatically changes to reflect your preferences. Turn the dial to adjust your brake bias position, as you would traditional remote bias adjusters, and the Monit Brake Dial will count the ¼ turn ‘clicks’ and display the position. The detent clicks that are counted also offer tactile feedback so the driver can feel the adjustments if he or she can’t look at the display. There’s also a button that lets you reset the zero point of the display at your preferred position. Just push and hold.

The majority of the NASCAR Cup teams are now running Monit Brake Dials. In addition, Honda is now using it in all its new factory TCR cars and more OEM customers are coming out soon.

Great for changing settings between multiple drivers, the Monit Brake Dial fits right in place of all existing manual brake adjuster knobs, and requires no external wiring. Universally compatible with all pedal boxes, Monit Brake Dial is literally plug and play.

Image courtesy of Monit

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