Millermatic 255

Used for MIG and pulse MIG welding material up to half-inch thick with the highest output in its class, the Millermatic 255 is great for chassis building/repair, suspension systems, exhaust tubing, frame jigs and fixture making. Digital readouts and independent voltage and wire speed adjustment make this the professional, experienced welder-operator’s choice. It adapts easily to spool gun for aluminum MIG welding, and has removable, built-in running gear for easy, lightweight portability. It comes with digital meters and the Fan-On-Demand cooling system to help prolong unit life. $3,139.


  1. What comes with it for $3,139???
    Is the welder programmable? Does it have Built in welding programs for Aluminum, steel, and mig brazing?
    I imagine it does not come with the necessary torch for aluminum welding.
    Users should consider the Cebora 302 or 344 for mig welding Aluminum with dual pulse and Push-Pull gun. These welders have the largest library of welding programs to help the user.

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