Longacre Professional Memory Tire Pyrometer with 7-inch Tablet

Few things are more important than tire pressures and temperatures when it comes to car setup. Longacre makes an elegant and high-tech solution for measuring and tracking tire pressures. Its Professional Memory Tire Pyrometer comes with a 7-inch Android tablet with high resolution screen, case, screen protector and charger. The tool displays all 12 current temps plus up to 99 sets of temps and the ability to scroll up and down on the main screen to compare with current temps. It computes average temperatures and even has an exclusive precision algorithm to predict the ultimate temperature. The probe is wireless and comes with an adjustable tip. Wireless means you can hand the tablet to a crew chief while a crew member actually stabs the tires to measure the temps. An indicator light on the probe lets you know when the temperature is recorded. It’s a brilliant little device. $475.

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