This is a hexagon patterned LED lighting system from CarGuyGarage that brings the idea of lighting up your space to a whole new level. The light spread from the pattern gives you a comfortable visual experience while illuminating an entire garage bay. LEDs are energy efficient, and there are many of them, so the power consumption of 552 watts is used for a stunning 60,000 lumens of light. An old incandescent light bulb produces roughly 15 lumens per watt, this LED light set is 60,000 lumens so roughly equivalent to 4,000 watts of incandescent light.

If you’re looking to light up your garage, or you have a shop that needs some dressing up, these lights are the answer. These lights are extremely popular in the automotive industry for dealerships, detailing shops, car washes, vinyl wrap shops, and paint and auto body shops. They are also popular in retail shops, gyms, and have been on sets of a few TV shows.

Image courtesy of CARGUYGARAGE.COM

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