Kinematic Speed Race Shifter

Kinematic Speed just announced the release of its new Race Shifter for BMW E36, E46 and E90 and E92 models. Built in its facility in Charlotte, N.C., the Race Shifter features adjustable auto-centering for optimized shifts. The Race Shifter is designed to fit five- and six-speed manual gearboxes in the models mentioned above.

The race shifter mounts to the chassis, features an integral seal and is designed to be installed by one person. Removal of the exhaust and heat shield will ease the installation, but the Race Shifter uses one existing hole at the rear of the mechanism, and requires you to drill two holes for the front of the base. The Race Shifter also comes with two holes on the underside to facilitate shorter or longer throws.

The racer shifter is fully adjustable, for centering the throw on the three-four gate, and for setting side-travel stops for finding reverse, first and fifth gears more easily.

With a Delrin shift knob and a machined aluminum shaft, the Race Shifter certainly looks the part, and is compatible with the stock consoles. Sealed ball bearings ensure smooth operation and long life.

The BMW E36 and E46 are two of the most popular racing platforms in NASA HPDE and racing, so the Race Shifter seems worth checking out. $699.

Image courtesy of Kinematic Speed

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