IRP Universal Short Shifter V2

Are you looking for a short shifter that gives you quick, easy shifts but doesn’t require you to have to completely modify your shifter linkage to get it to fit? ECS Tuning now offers the Individual Racing Parts (IRP) Universal Short Shifter V2, a high quality anodized aluminum short shifter that is made in the EU with the highest quality in mind.

Comparable to the CAE Ultra Shifter, the V2 is durable, CNC machined to exact specifications, and gives you short, fast, precise shift throws — minus the return to center. In addition, just like the CAE Ultra Shifter, the Short Shifter V2 from IRP features a reverse lockout that prevents you from shifting into reverse without depressing an easy to access lever located in the middle of the shaft of the shifter.

“Which to choose?” you may wonder. Well, if a return-to-center function isn’t worth the extra $400 dollars, you can have this amazingly high-quality shifter assembly for less than half of the cost of the CAE shifter.

This shifter works perfectly with 5- and 6-speed Getrag or ZF transmissions with a standard H shifting pattern, leaving the stock linkage unchanged. $429.90

Image courtesy of ECS TUNING

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