The steering wheel is one of the driver’s key touch points in a car, and some would argue it’s the most critical of them all. Subtle vibrations from the chassis transmit information to the driver through the steering wheel, and from those signals, the driver can learn a great deal: how much grip there is; whether understeer is imminent; how much throttle to add at corner exit.

Impact now offers steering wheels and the Impact Stelvio steering wheel is designed to improve grip and comfort for superb driving precision. The horizontal spokes are angled downward at the rim to give the driver true 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock hand positions. Wrapped in suede, with a diameter of 13.75-inch (350 mm) and 1.75-inch (36 mm) dish depth, the Stelvio is suited for all styles of racing. $250.



Impact also sells a quick-release steering wheel mount for an additional $300. It bolts right onto the hub of the Stelvio wheel and lets a driver remove the wheel quickly for easy ingress and egress.


Image courtesy of Impact

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