This is genuinely clever. If you’re in the exhaust fabrication business and find yourself struggling to design and build custom headers and exhaust, the ICEngineworks system is for you. Using a patented plastic block system, ICEngineworks lets you design and build custom exhausts without trial and error and without the added expense of ruined raw materials. With the ICEngineworks system, the only requirements are that the engine is fitted in place with flanges and starter tubes and that exhaust collectors, or collector dummies are firmly secured in their final position in the engine bay. Because of the precision of the system, replication also is simple.

ICEngineworks has a really nifty video on how the system works here. Sold in kits for tubing in 1.25-, 1.5-, 1.625-, 1.75-, 1.875-, 2-, 2.5- and 3-inch diameters, the ICEngineworks kits range in price from $500 to upward of $2,000 for 3-inch systems.

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