HJC HX-10 III Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2015

The HJC HX-10 III Carbon Fiber SA2015 Helmet is constructed of super strong and rigid wide weave carbon fiber and is the ideal helmet for all types of racing. The light weight shell and its comfortable Fire Resistant Moisture-wicking Comfort-Carbon interior and Advanced Ventilation System keeps you cool and comfortable. The HJC HX-10 III Carbon SA2015 Helmet is an affordable alternative to far more expensive carbon fiber helmets, which can cost more than $5,000 without sacrificing fit, feel or safety. It’s available in sizes XS to XXL.

Snell SA2015 approved, the HX-10 III weighs roughly 3.2 pounds for a large. Its advanced channeling ventilation system provides full front-to-back airflow to flush heat and humidity up and out. It comes standard with a double D-ring retention system and preinstalled M6 terminals for head and neck restraints, and offers options for shield tints, a clear spoiler. It’s on sale for $399 for a limited time exclusively for NASA members.

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