The contemporary styling of the G-Force Rift helmet combines with a budget price for a perfect fit for the beginning NASA HPDE driver!

Using a similar lightweight Strategically Reinforced Composite Shell as G-Force’s more expensive helmets, the Rift incorporates several ventilation ports alongside a downforce chin splitter for an aggressive look. The interior of the helmet is built around G-Force’s Deep Fit padding that allows for a deeper, lower fit for comfort across all head shapes. Removable cheek pads are easy to clean, and covered with a soft knit, hypoallergenic padding. $249 at time of publication, not including your exclusive NASA member pricing.

Image courtesy of G-Force


  1. Beginning drivers should not be using a full face helmet. An open face helmet is lighter, cooler, more comfortable and easier to hear the instructor with. Also safer because there’s less weight on the head in an impact. The only time I use a full face helmet is if I’m using a HANS in a car with harnesses and roll protection.

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