If you need to repair the terminal end of one of your battery cables, sure, you could just run to the parts store and get the usual lead lug with a two-bolt clamp to secure the cable and the quarter-inch bolt to secure it to the post. But because we’re racers, we’d like something a bit more elegant, and that’s where these nifty compression ends from Fastronix come in handy.

They’re pretty trick. Just strip 7/8 inch of the insulation from the wire, insert the bare wire into the compression nut and thread it in till the compression nut seats on the lug. The nut that clamps the terminal to the post even has a small shoulder on it so your wrench doesn’t butt up against the terminal itself while you’re tightening it. It’s a pretty cool little piece, and it looks right at home on a racecar. Sold at lots of different racing retailers.

Image courtesy of Brett Becker


  1. It’s about time that someone came out with something that won’t do more harm than good. I will give them a shot on my YouTube channel.I just need to find them someplace! Great job guys! Does the bolt in these help to prevent electrolysis as the factory ones? I do change out the bolts as they start to corrode with the high zinc bolts that are made for that. Thanks again guys!

  2. Hi Mech,
    I just installed it not long ago, so I don’t know whether it prevents electrolysis. The phrase “sold at lots of different racing retailers” in the story is linked to the dealer page on the Fastronix site.

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