If you’re looking for increased braking from your E46 or Z3 M car, but you don’t want to go to the expense of adding a pricey “big brake kit,” ESC Tuning offers a more affordable alternative. The ESC Tuning kit increases rotor size from 325 x 25mm to 345 x 28mm rotors, and changing them is as easy as doing a brake service.

The kit offers increased brake torque and increased thermal capacity, and it uses inexpensive, readily available replacement pads and rotors. ECS Tuning’s custom-designed caliper bracket lets your M3/Z3 M use ECS two-piece E46 M3 CSL rotors, delivering a beautiful, high performance braking package that fits behind 18″ wheels, as well as some 17″ big brake friendly wheels.

The kit includes ECS two-piece rotors, ECS stainless set screws, exact-fit brake hoses, brand-new brake calipers with Hawk HPS pads, and Pentosin Super DOT4 fluid. $1,253 at time of publication.

Image courtesy of ECS Tuning

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