Deatschwerks 2.5-Liter Surge Tank

To the best of our knowledge, Deatschwerks’ new line of surge tanks are the only ones on the racing market that mount to vertical surfaces. All of the surge tanks we have seen mount to horizontal surfaces. Mounting to a vertical surface gives the builder more choices in locations, can allow him or her to tuck things up and out of the way, and it’s always nice to have options.

Deatschwerks has a full line of vertical-mount surge tanks, from the 2.5-liter model pictured here all the way up to 3.5- and even 5.5-liter tanks. They’re available in a variety of configurations, with and without fuel pumps and fittings, etc. The 5.5-liter tanks also are available in horizontal mounting. $299 to $1,049.

Remember, DeatschWerks offers all NASA members a one-time 15 percent discount on their entire order at NASA members will need to log in to their NASA Account to receive the discount.

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