Powered by a 12-volt connection or an optional rechargeable 7.4V lithium ion battery kit, the Coolshirt Kart Bag is a self-contained, portable cooling system for the racer who has limited room with which to work. The Kart Bag is designed to use one Endurance Ice cold packs and plug directly into any of Coolshirt liquid-cooled garments. It’s perfect for karting, formula racing, HPDE track-day cars, or anywhere else a small, compact cooling solution is needed due to space limitations.

Don’t be fooled, even though the Kart Bag weighs only 1.6 pounds, it will keep you plenty cool for up to one hour. Perfect for sprint races, track days and karting! $299 with 12-volt power. $424 with optional lithium-ion battery power.

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