The CMS Performance Mustang Roll Bar is the strongest, safest, and most beautifully constructed roll bar on the market. In designing the GT350 roll bar, safety, strength, and structural integrity were the primary goals. It’s fully TIG welded from ultra-premium Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel sized 1.75-inch diameter x .095-inch wall, vs. the mild-steel tubing others use. Docol R8 is 10 to 15 percent stronger than 4130 CrMo steel, and 30-35 percent stronger than DOM mild steel. This allows CMS to design a roll bar that is stronger and lighter! Precision CNC machined interlocking roll bar clamps between the main hoop and kickers ease roll bar installation while giving it a premium, finished look. Add the optional Rear Seat Delete Kit (not necessary on the GT350R) to fully trim-out your roll bar installation.

The CMS Performance Mustang Roll Bar really complements the aggressive, race-inspired styling of the Mustang S550 and Shelby GT350/R/500. Each bar is crafted by hand by master fabricators, TIG welded for ultimate durability, and powder coated. CMS even includes custom color-matched powder to most of Ford’s factory paint colors, or you can choose from thousands of custom colors and finishes to give your car a personalized look that will last.

The CMS roll bar is designed so you have an unobstructed view through your rear window. None of your interior trim needs to be removed or cut, just a little carpet that is hidden away. So if you ever need to put your car back to stock, it will look as though the roll bar was never there.

Complete, detailed instructions make installation pretty simple (figure about two hours if you’re reasonably handy), and all hardware needed (including tool-steel carbide drill bit and burr) is shipped with your CMS roll bar. Adding Racing Harnesses and a Head-And-Neck Restraint completes your on-track safety upgrades.


Image courtesy of Competition Motorsport

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