It has been said that necessity is of the mother of invention. Chillout Systems’ founder needed a driver cooling system to handle the rigors of racing in the scorching heat of Georgia. Existing systems weren’t satisfactory, so he invented a new one, a high-tech, lightweight and compact driver cooling system.

The Chillout Systems Quantum Cooling Kit is about the size of a car battery, but it weighs less than 11 pounds. The system uses a propylene glycol blend, eliminating the need for ice and water, which saves more weight. It’s capable of chilling to 40 degrees even in 110 degree ambient temperature.

To achieve the temperature settings, from 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the Quantum Cooler unit uses a rotary micro-compressor that circulates the coolant formula at 20 liters per minute at 16 psi on a constant cycle. While power draw can spike to 28 amps at startup, depending on your surrounding temperature, average draw is 15 amps. The system runs on 24 volts outside of the car with an AC adapter, while it runs on 12 volts inside the vehicle.

You set the temperature at the touch of a button on the controller unit you can mount within easy reach of the driver. The Quantum Cooler unit also features a quick-release dual-pin mounting plate so you can swap the system from car to car in minutes.

The Chillout shirt uses a structured layer of cooling veins over a snug elastic inner layer to keep it from bunching up underneath your racing suit. $2,876


Image courtesy of Competition Motorsport

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