The MagClip multi-function magnetic tool holder from Car Guy Garage stores your most frequently used tools, sockets, drill bits and more in one area for easy organization. At the top are 13 magnets to hold sockets of different sizes or 15 pounds of tools and tool accessories. The bottom has 7 built-in hooks to hold items like tape measures, keys and more. There are 44 holes, 13 magnetic socket holders and seven built-in hooks at the bottom.

The adjustable capability makes this an ideal and portable tool organizer that has the flexibility to change size as additional storage requirements are needed. The Multi-Function tool holder stores up to 71 tools in one place and can be carried by hand to the job site. Special hooks built in to the holder are ideal for wrenches, keys and other hard to store items. Heavy duty magnets make is easy to remove and take with you for any job requiring multiple styles of tools and accessories. It’s ideal for the home shop or the race trailer. $85.99

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