We’re starting to see a lot of sixth-generation Camaros at the track and Brey-Krause has taken notice. Brey-Krause now offers an innovative solution for mounting an aftermarket seat in 2016 and newer Chevrolet Camaros. Brey-Krause seat side mounts and Recaro Part No. 0.70.9NT sliders, which are sold separately, mount directly to this floor pan kit, placing the seat in the lowest possible position. The add-on R-9172 Sub Strap Mount is adjustable for proper five- or six-point sub-strap routing, and the optional Recaro slider system also can be fitted. This design allows for reuse of stock three-point belts, and the unit provides inboard/outboard lap belt mounting locations. $312.56 at time of publication.


Image courtesy of Brey-Krause

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