Betterweigh Mobile Towing Scale

File this under, “What will they think of next?” The Betterweigh Mobile Towing Scale measures real-time vehicle-trailer weights for safer, easier towing and hauling via a Bluetooth connection that provides active readouts on the driver’s smartphone.

It’s easy to install because it’s plug-and-play into vehicle diagnostic port OBDII below the dash. The Betterweigh Towing Scale weighs vehicle, trailer, cargo, tongue and pin weight and weight distribution and is
accurate to within plus or minus 5 percent. It also offers easy brake controller setup by measuring exact trailer brake gain needed.

The dongle features a wireless, compact, portable design that transmits data to a downloadable app available for Apple iOS and Android OS. Bear in mind that functionality on manual transmission vehicles is limited to payload, tongue weight, pin weight and weight distribution. Functionality also is limited on vehicles with auto-leveling suspension.

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