As racers, we tend to go through equipment pretty quickly. Different trucks, trailers, racecars and, as a result, different trailer hitches. Andersen’s Rapid Hitch line of adjustable hitches goes a long way toward ensuring you won’t need to buy a new hitch with every new truck or trailer.

With ranges of vertical adjustment from 4 to 10 inches, Andersen hitches have applications to fit everything from stock two-wheel drive trucks to lifted four-by-fours. Buyers can choose two ball sizes and materials, steel or aluminum. Depending on material, ball size and shank size, Andersen hitches are rated to tow as much as 12,500 pounds. Prices range from $217 to $237.

Andersen sizing guide 

Image courtesy of Andersen Hitches


  1. Along these lines, Weigh Safe would also be on my list of hitch items to look at. You get the right tough weight without having to guess and adjust your load the first time. Incredibly smart piece of equipment to consider.

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