Alpinestars Tech 1-T Racing Shoes

The Tech 1-T shoe has been a staple of the Alpinestars line-up for many years now, but for 2019, Alpinestars has stepped up its game by offering eight colors and adding new features. Whether you want your shoes to match your car, suit or gloves, you’re likely to find a Tech 1-T that fits the bill.

In addition to the array of colors now available, the Tech 1-T has a cutaway section above the heel to remove uncomfortable pressure points while heel-toeing. The newly designed Velcro strap also eliminates the pressure point of some other shoes when fastened properly by using a single-layer design that more closely conforms to the foot after a short break-in period. Finally, the company has taken inspiration from its top-of-the-line Tech 1-Z and moved the lacing closures the underside of the tabs so the shoe closes around the foot, not on top of it, which adds further comfort and a much more conforming fit.

The Tech 1-T also includes an outer toe protector to prevent wear in this critical area and increase the longevity of the shoe. This is particularly important for those racers who heel-toe, because it offers an additional layer of protection.

For $269.95, the Alpinestars Tech 1-T racing shoe offers everything you need with a lot to appreciate! You can see the Alpinestars Tech 1-T HERE.

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