It’s no secret that a polycarbonate windshield is more resistant to impact than OEM safety glass. It’s also far lighter, which is a performance advantage in itself. That advantage is compounded because using a polycarbonate windshield – or any window, for that matter – removes weight from the upper half of the car, which effectively lowers the car’s center of gravity.

So you get decreased curb weight and improved handling, all from what is essentially a simple piece of plastic. Bear in mind, your competitors also might be reading this.

Five Star Racecar Bodies offer windshields and windows in OEM dimensions for lots of production cars common in NASA Time Trial and racing series. They come in four thicknesses (.093”, .0118”, .177”, .236”) and are available with and without mar-resistant coating.

To give a nice, finished look when installed, the Five Star polycarbonate windshields are treated with a blackout border, countersunk mounting holes and beveled edges. Prices vary by application. More information is available on the Five Star website.

Image courtesy of Allstar

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